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CBD Infused Pillowcase

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Our Pilozzz CBD-Infused Pillowcase is the same one that comes with the CBD Pilozzz inner, and you can either replace your Pilozzz CBD pillowcase (after 10-15 washes), or you can put it on your own favorite Standard Queen pillow.
The pillowcase is made of luxurious 300 thread count cotton and infused with CBD microcapsules which release CBD via friction and is absorbed by your hair and skin.

  • A 100% cotton, 300 thread count cover and filled with a luxurious down alternative fiber fill, the Standard Queen, also known “Jumbo” size, Pilozzz CBD Pillow comes with a removable outer cover infused with a micro-encapsulation of CBD oils, which will remain active for up to 10-15 washes. The CBD is released from the micro capsules through friction and is absorbed by your body throughout the night
  • Size: Standard Queen (aka “Jumbo”)

    Dimensions: 18" x 26" x 2"

    Gussett: 2” around cover to support all sleep positions

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry with low heat until thoroughly dry. Fluff after drying. Do not iron. For best results, use front-loading washer and wash two pillow case simultaneously if you have them. At the end of the complete wash cycle, reset to normal spin dry for maximum water extraction. CBD Infusion lasts up to 15 washes. You can then purchase replacement CBD pillowcase covers to maintain your fabulous sleep.

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Pilozzz is developing the next generation of purpose-driven pillows.


An absolutely beautiful luxurious sleep

To start with we made sure that our CBD Pilozzz pillowcases are supremely cozy, comfortable and soft to the touch for the most peaceful sleep possible. Our CBD pillowcases provide unparalleled comfort. Not only will you have the relaxing benefits provided by nature’s oil but you will have a beautiful Standard Queen (“jumbo”) size pillow case that fits your own regular pillow or as a swap out case for your Pilozzz CBD pillow.

Soothing, comfortable relaxation for all sleeping positions

Join the millions that are discovering the benefits of CBD infused pillows for great sleep. Pilozzz specializes in innovative and socially responsible sleep technologies. Our commitment is to provide comfortable, yet mindful Pilozzz that combine sustainable materials with natural technologies. All night comfort for you, a healthier, happier planet for all.


Beautiful, long lasting quality

We are a family-owned business which has been manufacturing high quality bedding products for over 50 years right here in US!

100% Risk Free Purchase and Comfortable Cool Sleep

Buy today, sleep risk-free with a 30-night trial. We love our Cooling Pillow, and we know you will too. If you're not completely satisfied, return your pillow within 30 days of purchasing for a complete refund.
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What Others Are Saying

We are proud to help people all around the globe gain better sleep and rest. Here are just a few...

Emilia A.

West Hills, California

I have no chronic issues but I could use better sleep especially when every minute counts. I tried Pilozzz CBD and after the first week, let’s just call it Pilozzz OMG. I felt more rested,energized and more focused.

Stephanie A.

Chicago, Illinois

I have been a follower of all new things CBD. To have tried the very first CBD pillow and experience it first hand was a milestone that I will be preaching for years to come. I do not travel without it, and it’s my go to gift from now on. The gift of sleep. Love it, recommend!

Bob S.

Glendale, Arizona

I’ve struggled with sleep my entire life. Obviously I’ve tried it all in the name of getting a full nights rest. Not much had worked outside of prescription medication from my Dr. But I’ve been looking for a non med alternative for years, and let’s just say this does it’s job without me relying on meds.

Dave H.

New York, New York

I usually get 4-5 hours a sleep and that’s just due to my early gym schedule. I wanted to get every advantage without extending my sleep hours, so I tried Pilozzz CBD pillow. Instead of losing more hours in my day, this maximized my sleep. I call that a win-win.

Annie G.

Seattle, Washington

I have been skeptical about CBD and it’s various uses especially worried about dosage and instructions. But with this, I could try their pillozzz product without taking any pills or drops, just unbox and lay down. I thought it was a no brainer. Within 3 days, I was pleasantly surprised in the difference it made in my sleep and now I have a nickname for my pillozzz’s Snugglez. We’ve gotten to know each other very well.

Leonard G.

Reno, Nevada

Great product, hands down the best investment I’ve made. I’ve had too many sleepless nights in the past to recognize a good find when I see one. This is going to change the sleep industry. Thank you for a well made pillow that says what it does.

Sally K.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I never looked forward to bed until I tried Pilozzz CBD. Now it’s my favorite part of my day, knowing I won’t spend it counting sheep. I’ve been getting asked what I am doing different from cosmetic products to cleanses, pilozzz is my little secret.


Pilozzz with a Purpose

For over 50 years our family-owned business has been making exceptional bedding products in the Elizabethtown, NJ. For years it has been our dream to create unique next generation pillow and bedding products using the latest methodologies that we know will provide a truly peaceful gentle sleep for all.

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