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The gift that keeps giving.

Your pillow is a big, important part of your life. Since you were a child your pillow has been your comforter, your safe place, your best friend.

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This wonderful pictorial book, “Cozie’s Home” is a gift from the Pilozzz team as a reminder for all of us about the important role of sleep in keeping us healthy and happy.

The art of a good sleep.

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want a good nights sleep? Sleep is important, but your pillow is just as important. Not only does your pillow support your head, neck and shoulders, it is the way your pillow ultimately makes you feel when you lay down or wake up in the morning. With that said, we are happy to introduce to you our newest Pilozzz, skillfully crafted to give you a good night’s rest. Wake up feeling refreshed with our luxurious knit cover, and Luxia Gel Down-like filled pillows, it’s almost like sleeping on a cloud! Luckily, they are now available at your nearest COSTCO store.

Pilozzz for you and me.

Luxury Comfort Pilozzz

We are proud to announce that our new range of luxury Comfort Pilozzz are now exclusively available through our friends at COSTCO across the country. To purchase please visit a store near you and if you have any questions or returns please click on the link below and contact the nice COSTCO customer service team.

Cozie’s Home Childrens Book (Free download)

This wonderful chidrens’s book can be enjoyed by all regardless of age or language and helps educate children around the globe about the importance of sleep and how it is vital for health and happiness. This gift from the Pilozzz team and can be easily downloaded :)

Cooling Pilozzz

For those who suffer from night heat we have a lovely cooling Pilozzz just for you. We sell these direct off this site and donate a portion of our net profits to Habitat for Humanity.

Earth matters.

A lot of us take our pillow for granted as the same with our earth. Just remember how important your pillow is for your health, happiness and peace of mind and how it's also crucial that we look after our planet.

Please realize that your Pilozzz needs to be replaced every 6 months or so as it absorbs a lot of unwanted elements over time. We ask you to consider replacing your Pilozzz to keep healthy and make sure to dispose of your old one is a mindful and eco friendly way where possible. We need to show the earth some love and help sustainability where we can. This is why we contribute a portion of our net profits to The National Resources Defense Fund.

giving heart

What the world needs now is love.

Many of us are extremely lucky to get home and slide into bed with our comfy Pilozzz, but there are many in this world who do not have that luxury. We thank the charities of the world that continue to help establish a sense of home to those less fortunate by contributing a portion of our net profits to Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity

Pilozzz Art Gallery

Here are some wonderful illustrations from some great gifted artists who have captured their sleepytime and dreams and favorite bear in fabulous drawings. Please send us your drawings and we will make sure to feature them here and send you a little gift.

Send Your Drawing

Jenny B.

I dream of chipmunks.

Shelly R.

My favorite sleepy time place is where my furry friends live. This is my drawing of where they live and what they like to do.

Kenny G.

last night I dreamt of my house and the flowers.

Welcome home with Pilozzz.

So please remember to take care and love your Pilozzz. Be good to one an other. Don’t let the world stress you out too much. Take time to breathe. Take time to read to your kids. Take time to give your loved ones a big hug. Take time for yourself. Get some rest, get some sleep and love life.

Feedback & Thoughts

We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts, see pictures you have drawn or stories that you have about your sleeping world.

Thanks from the Pilozzz team.

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